This is a list of all cards sets made for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards.

Logo Set Name Cards
SSBSLogo Super Smash Bros. 60 (61)
MeleeSLogo Melee 105 (108)
BNewSLogo Brawl Newcomers 83 (85)
BVetSLogo Brawl Veterans 89 (91)
ASBLogo Brawl Assists Strike Back 37 (39)
SubEmLogo Brawl Subspace Emissary 79 (81)
PGenSLogo Pokémon Genesis 150 (183)
PNeoSLogo Pokémon Neo 98 (124)
UnownPowerLogo Unown Power 31
PGemsLogo Pokémon Gems 136 (171)
TWSegaSLogo Third World SEGA Superstars 113
KonamiLogo Third World Konami Knights 102
ExPowerLogo ExPower 45 (46)
DualElemClash Dual Elemental Clash 30 (34)
ChampionLogo Champions 51
WonderfulLogo The Wonderful 100 8
KaitenLogo Kaiten's RPG World of Chaos 27
PromoSLogo Promotional 250

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